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Are you or your dog all at sea?

Metamorphic Process and your journey through life

Metamorphic Process offers you or your dog (or cat) an opportunity to transform how you approach your life and the world around you. From before birth both animals and humans have experiences which both set and limit their ways of seeing and interacting with people and circumstances in their lives. Habitual ways of responding and behaving become beliefs and these can block you or your pet from realising your true potential.

A seed has within it all it needs to become a plant or tree, but if it doesn't get enough water, sunshine and healthy soil to grow in it will never fulfil its potential of becoming that plant or tree. In the same way, unless we find the right conditions for us (or our animal friends) to flourish we may never become all that we can be.

With a Metamorphic Process session I offer you the space and conditions to transform yourself and to become more you. In these sessions I do not heal you by directing energies or offer lifestyle advice as in a therapy session (Metamorphic Process is a technique, not a therapy), but instead I journey with you, as your companion, on your transformative voyage. It may take one session, it make take several, everyone is different.

Each session involves a gentle stroking touch to certain areas on your feet, hands and head (or on the head, neck and spine of your furry friend - I can quickly teach you how to do it for your pet) representing the spinal reflexes which map out the timeline of your time before birth. Each session is exactly the same and I don't need to know anything about you beforehand. If you are the sort of person who doesn't like to revisit uncomfortable experiences from the past, or having to listen to well-meaning, but often misguided, advice from others then Metamorphic Process will really appeal to you.

I simply trust that you have all you need within you and that you are your own best guide. I offer you a caring space and a gentle touch so that you can take what you need from each session on your journey of transformation. Dogs just love it and know instinctively what they need. A session can be deeply relaxing, or energising, depending on what you need at the time.

Following Metamorphic Process sessions people often report finding a new purpose in life, trust their own inner guidance and intuition more and develop a more positive approach to life. Animals seem calmer and more relaxed. I gave 'Jonny' a short 5 minute session. He had digestive troubles and wasn't eating. Just a brief session helped him to bounce back and regain his appetite.

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