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Many years ago one summer I was at home recovering from an operation for seven weeks and had a realisation that I wasn't happy with my life. I was 39 and having a mid-life crisis. I had experienced a lot of grief in my life and I was searching for a purpose. I had been introduced to Healing by a friend and was intrigued and fascinated by this. Then I heard about an introductory Aromatherapy course, and my new path in life began..........................  
















Hi, I'm Liz Flynn. Until 1991 I knew nothing about complementary therapies or healing. My Mum, aunt and sister had all been nurses and surgery, medication, motherly love and hand-me down remedies had been used to heal in our family. We had also had a cat, who I now realise was a healing cat; he used to come and sit with us throughout our childhood illnesses - his purr was the most comforting thing.... 

In 1991 I met a wonderful lady who taught me creative writing, but who also introduced me to the world of Healing. She was an amazing person with a huge capacity to love, heal and teach without seeming to, and I believe she saw the seeker in me. I had experienced a great deal of loss in my life, and was rather lost myself. With her encouragement, I wrote bad poetry and got a lot of my grief out of my system (my Mum had died when I was only 30). I also found that I was intrigued to learn more about therapies and healing. So a few years later I had that operation, did that Introduction to Aromatherapy course and changed my life....

I now use all I have learnt since then in what I do. I gained my first professional ITEC therapy qualification in Anatomy, Physiology & Holistic Massage in 1998, but it was when I studied ITEC Reflexology that I found a real sense of "this is what I am supposed to be doing" and it remains a great passion with me still today. Since then I have studied much, including Precision and Advanced Precision Reflexology, Meridian Reflexology and Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD) as well as swapping treatments with other therapists and picking up new tips from them and from my colleagues in the Association of Reflexologists.

Along the way I have added other skills  including ITEC Diet & Nutrition, ITEC Indian Head Massage, Kinesiology and Spiritual /Natural Healing, and, more recently Metamorphic Process and Angelic Reiki. I have also been practising T'ai Chi since 2013. I use what I know of all of these things in some way when you come to see me. Being out in Nature is also important to me and my husband, Nick, and we both love to walk, do yoga, keep fit and explore. I also read, write, knit and do other crafts and bake the odd cake and throw a salad together. Nick is the main cook!

In 2016, when offering treatments for the charity, Pete's Dragons, I completed the ASIST (suicide first aid) two-day workshop.


From 2003 to 2007, I volunteered at Exmouth's Quiet Mind Centre (charity) offering Reflexology and Healing mainly to people with serious anxiety issues or mild to moderate depression.

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