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In the 21st century the word 'spiritual' often seems to be a difficult one for people to relate to, but 'spirit' is simply the essence of the physical. My initial healing training was in 2004/6 in Spiritual Healing where I spent two years learning and practising how to connect to, and channel, the universal healing energies all around us. Only then are Healers allowed to work unsupervised with the public. You can be reassured I am fully qualified and insured.

Spiritual Healing is not Spiritualism or Faith Healing and it is definitely not necessary to have any particular beliefs to be able to receive healing. Everyone has the potential to be a healer, so it is not really a'gift', although some people have a seemingly innate ability to do this work. Healers also learn how to sense with their hands and their intuition and/or see the energy field (or aura) of a person or animal as well as their energy centres (or chakras) in order to be able to rebalance energies which have become depleted or out of balance. My speciality in healing is in feeling rather than seeing energies and knowing how to rebalance your energies by feeling and touch.

Energy centres and the Energy Field

There are seven main Chakras or Energy Centres each one related to an endocrine gland in the body. There are many other minor chakras located in the main joints of the body as well as some above our head and below our feet. The 7 chakras are connected to layers in our Aura (or Energy Field) which reflect different levels of our consciousness.

The Aura: we are not just flesh, blood and bone (biochemical), but all living things emit light and have our own electromagnetic (or bio-magnetic) fields. Our bio-magnetic fields interact with each other and other forms of electromagnetism all around us, and our own thoughts and feelings, as well as illness and stress, affect the size and shape of our field or Aura.

Healing carries on well after a healing session as the person's own life force takes over its own self-healing. This is true of all types of healing and all therapies.  Spiritual Healing is £30 for a 45 minute appointment. 

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