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I have been having reflexology with Liz on and off for the past five or six years and can say 'hand on heart', having experienced treatments from alleged reflexology 'Therapists' all over the world, for me Liz embraces the intuitive art of this ancient wisdom and I always feel calmer and uplifted somehow.

P.A., Exmouth


A wonderful way to de-stress and relax when a bit of "me time' is needed. I commend Liz's Reflexology for alleviating the symptoms of in women of a certain age!

L.K., Exmouth

Metamorphic Technique for all

I did enjoy our appointment very much. I found the colours I experienced truly amazing & know you were imparting your healing powers. My feet felt the benefit of our session for the rest of the day.... feeling warm and comfortable.... I certainly can only thank you for your care & I may well be back in touch for some more of your healing powers.

D.B. Exmouth

I was welcomed in the warmest way and quickly put at ease as I have never had reflexology before and did not know quite what to expect..I was pleasantly surprised. The treatment room was ...a comfortable temperature which enabled me to fully relax...nothing seems too much trouble for this lady. It's just like talking to a lovely friend, while still managing to keep an air of professionalism. I cannot fault my experience and hope to indulge again... I felt the treatment go exactly where it was supposed to go. The way it made me feel is incredible and I have continued to feel and receive benefits from it days afterwards. I have slept better, felt more relaxed and I have felt happier in myself... thank you very much for for a lovely introduction to the world of reflexology and your many years of experience certainly shine through. x 

C.G., Exmouth


  • Remote Angelic Reiki - Having had Angelic Reiki before with Liz and loved it I was curious to try her new offering of Remote Angelic Reiki. It was a wonderful experience. I truly felt as if Liz was with me. I'm a great one for gurgling tum during any type of therapy and the gurgles started right on time and continued throughout the session. I would really recommend this to anyone who is feeling the lack of hands on therapy at the moment. H.P., Exmouth

  • Remote Reflexology - I had lots of gurgling. I even sensed when you changed feet! I was aware of my throat chakra opening and I became very emotional at one point. Afterwards my sinuses felt clearer and the kidney reflex on my left foot felt sensitive. Lovely. Thanks Liz. K.R. - Lympstone

  • Remote Angelic Reiki - I had my eyes closed and was feeling comfy when I felt a change - a feeling inside my head which moved down in a wave of warmth and sensation - down to my hands which were on my lap. I felt warmth and sensation in my hands.... then there was another wave - in my upper body this time and down to my lower abdomen and into my hands which were almost twitching. My tum and whole digestive system was gurgling. I drifted off then felt another wave. There was a definite change when I felt the healing had stopped. Afterwards I felt very peaceful. F.C. Budleigh Salterton

  • Remote Reflexology -  I felt a beautiful energy at the beginning, then a different form of energy came in and it seemed to go both ways so you were being healed too! I feel Remote Reflexology is just another form of distant healing - but through the feet. Lovely. Thank you Liz. K.R. - Lympstone

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