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 If you find counselling or other talking therapies are not for you, but you want to make transformational changes in your life......

 If you need some space to process all the changes and upheavals in your life......

 If you just need to sit and be with your grief while a caring, non-judgemental person with over 25 years experience in the field of healing and natural health sits with you and gently touches your feet, hands and head....

 If you want to find a way to help you express more of your potential or feel more at home with yourself.......

..... Then Metamorphic Process could be for you.


  Working within your energy field, but without directing your energies in any way, MP involves a gentle touch on certain areas of the feet, hands   and head (the spinal reflexes) which correspond to the timeline of your development within the womb. This prenatal pattern (as he named it)   was first noticed and mapped by Robert St John, a naturopath and reflexologist.

 Metamorphic Process does not address any specific health symptoms or other issues. Because of this there is no need for an initial consultation   as I don't need to know what is 'going on' with you in your life. This doesn't mean I am not interested, or won't listen to you if you need to talk    things over. Far from it. But it is your time to 'just be' and to talk or not, whatever you feel like at the time. If you just want to be silent that is   perfectly fine. My job is to provide a caring, listening space for you to process things in your own way and not to 'fix' you, or offer specific advice,   because only you know best what you need. You may not be consciously aware of this, but your subconscious will take what you need from each   session.

 We have many transitional times in our lives - such as starting or ending a relationship; beginning a new job; moving to a new area; getting   married; going through the menopause; having children; going for an interview; heading off to university, etc.  You may feel anxious or   apprehensive about something, or find you can't make any decisions and feel stuck. You may be repeating the same behaviour patterns and   can't  find solutions to problems. This is where Metamorphic Process comes in....


 No specific claims are made for MP but people often report:

  • a greater ability to manage grief or bereavement

  • they are able to think more clearly and make decisions

  • a greater ability to listen to, and trust, their own inner guidance rather than rely on external information and opinion

  • feeling more relaxed and confident

  • feeling more resourceful in finding solutions to problems

  • a renewed sense of enthusiasm for life and feeling of connectedness to those around you

  • generally feeling more of a deep inner calm

 Sometimes one session is all that is needed, sometimes it may take several. The choice is always yours - no 'course' of sessions is prescribed.   You can receive sessions whenever you feel the need.


 Metamorphic Process is suitable for everyone and can be received totally safely alongside hands-on or other therapies as well as conventional   medical treatment.

 People who don't like the idea of talking therapies often find MP is just what they need as nothing is expected of them, yet anything can   happen...  


   A one hour session costs £40. Home visits are extra. 

   Click on the button to find out about sessions......

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