Welcome to your new journey of self-discovery and transformation......

If you believe it is your own life circumstances and events that transform the way you are, not other people trying to help or fix you, then you might like to try GTT. It is not a ‘therapy’ or ‘treatment’ in the way you would normally understand it. Unlike therapies, where the therapist sets up an intention to help reduce your pain, improve your sleep or to relax you, GTT does not focus on symptoms or problems. The key factor is the ability of the practitioner to remain detached ('keep out of the way') and hold an unconditionally loving and neutral space to allow your life force to do its own transformational work. As the practitioner I do not concern myself with the ways in which your life energies manifest themselves, or try to change or 'improve' them. I simply notice the facts, acknowledge them, and let them be. I do not need to know anything about you and I offer no lifestyle advice alongside a session. Your own inner guide knows better than I do what it is you need. Any transformation happens spontaneously through your own power to heal, and create, your own true self; the self that has always been there in potential.


Modern life means we are bombarded by information and advice and can lose our ability to rely on our own inner wisdom. GTT addresses this by providing an environment without any intention or attempt to change things; the practitioner recognises your life force's inner wisdom so that it is free to take what it needs from each session.

GTT is available to everyone. It is totally safe to receive alongside all medication and complementary therapies. If you feel you are stuck, or grieving someone's death or the end of a relationship; if you are terminally ill, pregnant, elderly and afraid of the ageing process; if you are experiencing big changes in your life (e.g.marriage, moving house, parenthood, going to university, starting a new career); if you are suffering with anxiety or depression, going through the menopause, have learning difficulties such as dyslexia, or feel that you are full of potential you are unable to express, then GTT is for you.  A one hour session costs £40. Taster sessions are available at £10.

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