Your feet, hands and head reflect the whole of you and during a session I gently touch the inner sides of your feet and hands and specific areas on your head. These correspond to a timeline of your development in the womb.













Liz working on somebody's head at Budleigh Library


A full session lasts an hour, but I can also offer 20 minute tasters. There is no need for me to know anything about you before you receive a session as it is not a therapy and is completely safe for everyone. You can chat or close your eyes and be quiet - whatever you want, it is your space and your time to receive your session however you like. As a by-product, you may feel deeply relaxed during and after your session or, if you are feeling stressed or exhausted when you arrive, you could feel more energised afterwards. Everybody responds differently.

After GTT sessions people often report feeling more confident in general and a new trust in their inner guidance. You may not notice anything much, especially at first (although some people have reported quite dramatic responses), but your friends and family might notice you are different and may mention it to you, or you may notice they are behaving differently towards you. GTT seems to encourage us to embrace life with a more positive attitude rather than a fearful one. Old habits or patterns of behaviour might arise temporarily, but things soon settle down as your life force carries on its own healing work.

Sometimes one session is all you might need, sometimes more; it is always up to you to decide. 


A one hour session is £40 and a 20-minute taster is £10. I can teach you how to use GTT with your own pet. It is very easy. My main experience is with dogs and the ones I have used GTT with seem to love it and come back for more. Just contact me for details.

       You can use GTT with animals too