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Reflexology, Gentle Transformational Touch (GTT) and Energy Balance Healing cost £40 for a full one hour appointment. Natural/Spiritual Healing and Angelic Reiki cost £30 for a 45 minute appointment. 

Taster sessions (15 minutes) of  Natural Healing, Reflexology, Angelic Reiki and GTT are available for £10.

Hands on taster sessions are only available at my therapy room in Budleigh or at organised special events.

REMOTE REFLEXOLOGY (therapy at a distance) - I am so excited to now be able to offer you Remote Reflexology from £10 for 15 minutes. I also offer 30 minutes for £20. You lie on your own bed and visualise me at your feet while I am here in my therapy room visualising you in front of me. Sound unusual? Well it is no more unusual that distant healing, and people are reporting amazing responses. You still get the gurgling tummy and relaxation you would get as if I were with you touching your feet. Why not contact me and try it?


REMOTE ANGELIC REIKI (therapy at a distance) - I am so excited to now be able to offer Remote Angelic Reiki. You sit in your own chair or lie on your bed at home, and I sit in my therapy room and send you the healing. It is very powerful and you feel all the sensations you would feel as if I were sitting or standing right behind you. People are thrilled to be able to receive healing at home in these times. Why not contact me and try it?


Both cost £10 for 15 minutes or £20 for 30 minutes. Contact me for details.


HOME VISITS AVAILABLE (Except Reflexology or Energy Balance Healing) for £10 extra in Budleigh, East Budleigh, Exmouth, Otterton, and Colaton Raleigh. Extra costs apply to home visits further afield.

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