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Since I qualified as a reflexologist in 1999, I have used Precision Reflexology as the basis for all my Reflexology treatments. It is called 'precision' because the reflexes on the feet and hands are worked in a much more precise and targeted way (using thumb circling movements) than other types of reflexology which use finger and thumb walking to cover large areas of the foot at a time. Precision Reflexology also uses the 'linking' technique to link together certain reflexes to help create an easier flow of energy through the body via its energy pathways. I work with these energy pathways  (or meridians), together with linking, as an additional layer of energy work on the feet. This creates an extremely  powerful, but gentle, reflexology treatment.  


 A full one hour Reflexology or Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) appointment costs £45.  


Reflexology can be used on its own or in combination with other therapies. As I am also a healer, you will find healing energies will automatically flow through, further enhancing your treatments. My reflexology work is, therefore, primarily energy-based, so if energy treatments appeal to you, my reflexology work is for you. I do not use deep pressure reflexology, so if that is the type of treatment you seek, then my reflexology work may not be for you.

Supporting Your Wellbeing

As reflexologists we do not claim to diagnose or 'cure' but we do care. We aim to improve your wellbeing by supporting you as a whole person in the whole of your life. Improved wellbeing is much more than just the absence of illness, it is a reflection of your improved mood, improved sleep and a general feeling of relaxation as you go about your daily routine.


Stress is very real in most people's everyday lives, and if it is not addressed it can have severe effects on your health, both physical, mental and emotional. Reflexology is one of the ways you can use to help ease the stresses of modern life and also to help to prevent serious disease from taking hold.

Reflexologists understand that everyone is unique and so it is not possible to predict exactly how you will respond, but most people feel real benefits after a couple of treatments or more. 


What Should You Expect When You Come for a Treatment?

I take a full medical history and details of your lifestyle and you will be asked to sign to consent to treatment. All of your information is kept securely and confidentially at all times and you alone will have access to it unless you give permission for the information to be shared with anyone (this applies to all therapy treatments and Metamorphic Process sessions). My privacy policy is available elsewhere on this website.

All you need to do is remove your shoes and socks and sit in a relaxing Lafuma chair. I will show you the charts I use and explain little of what will happen, especially if you have never had reflexology before. I work mainly on your feet, but there are reflex points on your hands, ears and face too. If indicated, I may show you how to work specific areas on your hands to help enhance treatments in between your appointments.

Occasionally your feet may feel tender on certain points when pressed, but this will pass. These are areas where imbalances show up. As a holistic treatment, reflexology treats the whole person and is not to be confused with a foot massage which aims specifically to relax the muscles in the feet. There are tens of thousands of nerve endings in the feet connecting them to the whole body so, by having a focussed reflexology treatment, you are in fact getting a whole body treatment which also affects your mental and emotional wellbeing too; reflexology works on all levels.

REFLEXOLOGY LYMPH DRAINAGE (RLD) - Help for lymphoedema and other conditions where ordinary Reflexology may lead to too-strong reactions including Fibromyalgia,  M E and Long Covid.

RLD is a specialist Reflexology protocol developed originally to help ladies suffering from long-term lymphoedema of an arm following breast cancer surgery. I often incorporate elements of RLD into general Reflexology treatments,  but it is used as a stand-alone treatment if applicable. RLD concentrates specifically on the lymphatic system and helps to reduce swelling in arms, legs, ankles, etc. This is now well-documented by Sally Kay, the originator of the method, and has been subjected to clinical trials with much success. It has also been found to be well tolerated by people with Fibromyalgia, ME or chronic fatigue who may find a normal reflexology treatment too much. I have recently used RLD with a lady who has been suffering with breast pain for many years following a medical procedure and she has found much relief from the pain -even after the first session. RLD does not give such a strong healing response and so may be preferred by sensitive people with chronic conditions. I trained with Sally Kay and am an approved RLD practitioner (Devon, East). See her website for further information:

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