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My healing training is in Spiritual Healing which I use as the core of my treatment, 'Energy Balance Healing'. I have learnt (and continue to learn) many energy balancing techniques over the years, some of which I incorporate into Reflexology treatments, but I realise I can use them alongside a Healing treatment too. My trainings in Touch for Health, and Indian Head Massage  and my reading and personal practice in Do In and Energy Medicine are very useful in informing these sessions. I include visualisations too if indicated (e.g. grounding). Most people will be given self-help things to do at home too.

Energy Centres (Chakras) and the Energy Field (Aura)

These treatments are still evolving as I continually learn more, but a full EBH session may involve energy balancing on the head and face, hands and feet and work on acupressure points, as well as the usual chakra and aura balancing you would experience in a Healing session.

Chakras: are also known as Energy Centres and there are 7 main ones in  our bodies, each related to an endocrine gland. There are many other minor chakras located in our hands and feet and the main joints of the body as well as some above our head and below our feet. The 7 chakras are connected to layers in our Aura (or Energy Field) which reflect different levels of our consciousness.

The Aura: we are not just flesh, blood and bone (biochemical), but all living things emit light and have our own electromagnetic (or bio-magnetic) fields. Our bio-magnetic fields interact with each other and other forms of electromagnetism all around us, and our own thoughts and feelings, as well as illness and stress, affect the size and shape of our field or aura.

Energy Pathways (Meridians)

Meridians (or Energy Pathways): these carry energy through our bodies like arteries carry blood. When we are ill or stressed the flow of energy in our bodies is interrupted. Meridians are connected to every organ and system in the body. In an Energy Balance Healing session, I work to restore balance in these energy pathways together with the energy centres and energy field.

Recent scientific studies have confirmed the existence of the energy pathways, and ancient practices such as T'ai Chi and Qi Gong, which aim to enhance the flow of energy in the body through the meridians, or energy pathways, are becoming more and more popular as studies show the benefits of this gentle type of exercise. A recent study ,for example, has shown how T'ai Chi can benefit people with Fibromyalgia more than other, more vigorous, forms of exercise. I have a particular interest in working with people with Fibromyalgia and ME and other chronic conditions, such as Long Covid.

A full one hour appointment costs £40. 

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